Where did The IMPACT Band (known earlier as the Full Impact Band) come from?

Here’s your answer :

In 1992, two brothers decided to put together a band. Greg Wolfgang had just returned from military duty in the Middle East in operation Desert Storm. Bob Wolfgang was working for an engineering firm. They shared a common goal: to put together a dance / party band and start playing clubs in the Harrisburg area. Both Greg and Bob were vocalists, so they started calling musicians and networking to find band members. Shortly thereafter, the Full Effect Band was born. The band went on to become the most popular dance band in central PA., playing the biggest clubs in the area and drawing the biggest crowds. They started playing bigger clubs out of the area: Philadelphia, Baltimore, shore points, etc. Greg left Full Effect in the spring of 1999 and Bob left later that same year.

In January 2000, Greg and Bob decided to put together another band. Greg called Glenn Kuhns, a saxophone player they had worked with before and one of the best in the area. Glenn recommended drummer Jeff Cox and keyboardist Greg Touloumes – having worked with them in the Jimmy D Band. Then Jeff called Chuck Seay, considered to be the premier R&B bass player in Harrisburg. Jeff and Chuck had worked together in the Daine Paul Russell Band. Greg then called Antonio Fountain, the guitarist who had just left their previous band. “There isn’t a better rhythm guitarist in town than Tone B !” says drummer Jeff Cox. Trumpet player Steve Walthius had worked with Full Effect before and more recently with Blitz Dynette. While a great trumpet player, Steve’s background is symphonic and classical, but you’ve got to hear him do his Louis Armstrong impression. Steve then got in touch with Bill Gingrich, Harrisburg’s premier trombonist (and the only trombonist who wears a beeper) also formerly with Blitz Dynette, and he joined the band. Bill Gingrich then contacted lifelong friend, partner in numerous musical crimes, and the Godfather of horn players in central PA.- Bill Perbetsky. Bill was then head of the music department at Susquehanna High School and is regarded as the best on trumpet and flugelhorn in town!

Jeff Falcone, a vocalist well known to central Pennsylvania audiences, joined the band in 2002 after leaving Full Effect as lead vocalist. Jeff brings his world-class voice and unparalleled energy to the stage.

Bob Wolfgang retired from the band in 2001 but his influences remain. With Bob’s background in soul music, he was a driving force in building the band and it’s direction. Sadly, Bob passed away in 2013.  Greg Wolfgang left the band in August 2009, we wish him the best and he is always welcome back on stage.

Change being the one constant with any larger band, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest musicians in central PA.

Additional former members of The IMPACT Band:Amy Simpson
Forrest Brown
Dan Fordham
Mike Formica
Dave Buffington
Matt Bowman
Dave Yinger
Mike Yinger
Michael Burton
Heather Fair
​Deyna Spizzirri
Janelle Verones​

So there’s the short story on the history of The IMPACT Band. Ten musicians – throwin’ the funk atcha’ – playin’ that groove that makes you move! The band covers music from the 1970’s through 2015: Earth, Wind & Fire, James Brown, Tower of Power, the Ohio Players, and KC & the Sunshine Band – all the way up through Bruno Mars, Usher, Cee Lo Green, and Justin Timberlake.
Once you’ve heard us do our “Play That Funky Music” medley, you’ll know what they mean when they call us the “groove merchants” !!